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So fies gamble us fraudsters on Ebay classified ads

It is the nightmare of many Ebay users: Black sheep gamble a money or merchandise. With these tips, you can defend against it.

The new coffee machine, the top for the summer or even a real pearl chain: On the online marketplace Ebay, bargain hunters often find the right offers. Stupid only, if one is already hugely on the auctioned or purchased goods pleased – but then it does not come weeks.

In other words, it is no better: you yourself sell something and send it to the buyer’s alleged address – and do not get your money. The reason: you have probably been a nasty con man on the glue.

To prevent this from happening, Dr. Katja Henschler from the Verbraucherzentrale Sachsen advises her to be prudent. Finally, there are a few rules that you will stick to your next online shopping. With the result: That you can finally shop safely and conscientiously online again.

Ebay-classified ads: How to defend yourself against fraudsters

Important is when shopping online, not to fall low bargain. This means that if you are attracted with an extremely low price, you should be skeptical. Especially if the product was significantly higher in the original price. Therefore, check the alleged bargain offer exactly to detect inconsistencies quickly.

If you want to sell goods in Ebay & Co., you should take a closer look at potential customers. Is he trying to haggle, or does he contend with you when the price is not in his sense? Be careful not to be involved in this type of business partner. Otherwise, you’ll be sitting up to dubious businessmen.

This is also true for alleged stories, why the customer after purchase is supposedly no longer able to pick up his own goods. If the potential buyer wants to tell you fairy tales, why he can not get the goods despite agreement suddenly, you should be heard – even if these appear plausible in the first moment. Do not wrap your fingers and send the goods to the end. Insist instead on the agreement in the contract.

Self-pick-up: As salesman and buyer most secure

But self-picking is also the best choice from a buyer’s perspective. After all, it has already happened that customers have already paid for and have not received the goods afterwards. It is all the more annoying if you do not get your money back.

Then you usually have no choice but to report the case at Ebay Buyer Protection. Therefore, it is advisable to collect the goods yourself and pay directly.

However, you should also be careful with the self-pick-up – and still have one or two witnesses. After all, they can testify in case of doubt that everything went right with the right things. Besides, you are not alone – if a possible fraud with several acquaintances comes to your home.

And even if the latter shows you an alleged identity card or driving license at the pick-up, to testify to his identity – these can often be counterfeits. Be vigilant – and refuse to surrender in case of doubt.

Finally, the seller could ask you to pay online – especially if the alleged provider lives abroad. However, be careful: if you are breaking out common payment methods like Paypal & Co. and suggesting strange numbers instead, you should be better off. Otherwise, you are fast on your money – and can not reclaim it.

Online shopping via ebay & co .: Contract in writing

But as it seems, even the Paypal online payment system is not safe from fraudsters. So it can happen that any buyers pay the goods via Paypal and even pick them up themselves. But in the end they claimed not to have received any goods and complain to Paypal.

Piquantly, the seller has no proof of his innocence. Therefore, it is advisable to retain a written certification, in which the buyer signs with the self-collection.

Also the type of the goods plays an important role in the personal surrender. Anyone who buys an electronic product via ebay classified ads should check the goods directly with the seller, if they really work. If the seller can not provide you with an invoice, you should assume that this is probably illegal.

In order to protect yourself, it is advisable to study the description of the advertisement in advance, if any defects exist. It is best to save and print the product description. This way, you are protected if the goods are defective.

Fraudsters turn out to be BKA officials to the Fotostrecke

From Jasmin Pospiech