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Live Well: Camel milk is new star of beauty product

Live Well: Camel milk is new star of beauty product

Coconut milk is old news. So is goat milk. Even hemp milk has had its 15 minutes.

Americans, looking to their far-off neighbors for inspiration, have found the latest super food: camel milk.

That’s right, those humped dromedaries famous for their spitting and mercurial attitudes also produce the c…

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Revealed: The £4 Primark beauty product everyone is obsessed with

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Social media users are excited about a new Primark beauty product.

The retainer’s eyeshadow and highlighter palettes are catching the attention of bargain hunters.


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Inside The Stupendous Cannabis Beauty Product Boom

Luxury and cannabis weren’t necessarily two words synonymous with one another even just a decade ago. Marijuana, thanks to the enduring dorm room stereotype, persisted within low popular culture—weed wasn’t prestige. But that is rapidly changing. The fashion industry is embracing cannabis whol…

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