• Live Well: Camel milk is new star of beauty product

    Live Well: Camel milk is new star of beauty product Coconut milk is old news. So is goat milk. Even hemp milk has had its 15 minutes. Americans, looking to their far-off neighbors for inspiration, have found the latest super food: camel milk. That’s right, those humped dromedaries famous for their spitting and mercurial attitudes…

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  • How are Europe’s top leagues shaping up for the run-in?

    Barcelona’s dramatic El Clasico victory at Real Madrid ensured the LaLiga title race will go to the wire, while Bayern Munich and Juventus still have work to do in their own championship quests. As the major European leagues enter their final straights, relegation and Champions League qualification issues are becoming clearer, too. LIGUE 1 Free-scoring…

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  • Some random facts about Jacob Zuma

    Some random facts about Jacob Zuma In celebration of President Jacob Zuma’s birthday, we are sharing some interesting facts about the leader of our country. 1. His full name is Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma. The name Gedleyihlekisa means the “one who laughs while grinding his enemies”. His father chose the middle name which, when the Zu……

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  • Designli navigates the curve from native apps to web design

    Five years ago, Keith Shields and Joshua Tucker ditched their plans to become engineers to create mobile apps for struggling startups. Today, their software development company is transforming the digital presence of Fortune 500 companies. In 2012, Shields and Tucker, owners of software development company Designli, were more than 300 miles away from each other…

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  • SZ-Online: Dealers reward customers for green shopping

    Dealers reward customers for environmentally friendly shopping There is a discount for the coffee pot or bag brought along. This is not entirely selfless. Anyone who brings the durable bag with the next purchase again gets discount. Not only because of the environmentally friendly transport. Because with these bags, the customer becomes the advertising medium…

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  • So fies gamble us fraudsters on Ebay classified ads

    It is the nightmare of many Ebay users: Black sheep gamble a money or merchandise. With these tips, you can defend against it. The new coffee machine, the top for the summer or even a real pearl chain: On the online marketplace Ebay, bargain hunters often find the right offers. Stupid only, if one is…

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  • Afghanists: Mother of all Bombs killed more than 90 Islamists

    2017-04-15 13: 02: 12.0 Afghanists “Mother of all Bombs” killed more than 90 Islamists The dismissed MOAB on Afganistan has caused more death than initially thought. 90 Islamists were killed. According to the authorities, the number of fighters in the jihadist militia Islamic state (IS) has been killed after the official release of the largest…

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