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Afghanists: Mother of all Bombs killed more than 90 Islamists

2017-04-15 13: 02: 12.0

Afghanists “Mother of all Bombs” killed more than 90 Islamists

The dismissed MOAB on Afganistan has caused more death than initially thought. 90 Islamists were killed.

According to the authorities, the number of fighters in the jihadist militia Islamic state (IS) has been killed after the official release of the largest non-nuclear US bomb in Afghanistan. The bomb killed 92 IS fighters, said the governor of the Achin district in Nangarhar province, Esmail Shinwari, on Saturday the news agency AFP. Provincial Speaker Attaullah Chogjani spoke of 90 killed jihadists. Afghan and US troops inspected the abyss on Saturday.

With about 90 killed IS fighters, the number has almost tripled – first of all 36 killed fighters. Although the IS militia, according to security experts, had laid their hiding places near the homes of civilians, there were no civilian casualties in the US bombing.


Shinwari: No civilian casualties

Shinwari assured on Saturday that no civilians and no military personnel had been killed. According to the government in Kabul, thousands of families had already fled in the past months before the fighting.

An elderly man, who lives near the Abyss in Momand Dara, in the district of Achin, reported meanwhile a deafening volume through the impact of the bomb. The explosion had been so loud that his granddaughter – a toddler – could no longer hear, said the man.

The US Army used a bomb for the first time on Thursday with the designation GBU-43 / B Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB). The multi-meter bomb with an explosive force of eleven tons of TNT was dropped, according to the Pentagon, by an MC-130 transport machine in the province of Nangarhar in eastern Afghanistan.

Strategic goals of the Islamists

According to the Afghan Ministry of Defense, “strategic” hiding places of the Islamists as well as a deep underground tunnel complex were destroyed. According to Shinwari, Afghan and US troops inspected the area hit by the bomb on Saturday and took cleanup.

The dismissal of the bomb, which had the backing of the government in Kabul, met with criticism among some observers. They complain that the IS is only a marginal group compared to the radical Islamic Taliban in Afghanistan and is not a great threat in comparison. The use of the mega-bomb was therefore disproportionate. AFP